Logo & brand identity

Creating a visual identity is what we live and enjoy doing. Our team can help business to build an iconic brand identity that is successful and recognizable to a diferent kind of audiences.

Logo & Brand identity – a stronger position in the market

As opportunities improve and competition increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to remain recognizable, visible and attractive. A purposeful visual identity helps to ensure that the brand is unique, its services, products or ideas are presented in the most effective, understandable and attractive way to the target audience. The new brands we create and the updated solutions bring real benefits to the existing business – they attract new customers, strengthen the position and increase the influence on the loyal and potential audience.

Creating a visual identity and corporate style is our “horse” worked over many years. Properly selected image formation solutions ensure market recognition, consistent communication that reflects the company’s values ​​and goals, and identity integrity. We are a team of design and advertising professionals who help to combine and make the most of visual identity, e-marketing, UX UI design solutions while maintaining a unified and needs-oriented corporate style.

A strong brand identity requires unique solutions

We are well aware that there is no one-size-fits-all recipe – a unique visual identity requires unique solutions. So, in order to achieve results, we apply solutions based on the latest technologies and focused on long-term success. Every time we start working only after a good insight into the specifics of the client’s activities, goals, individual needs, opportunities, advantages, target audience, analysis of a specific industry and competitive environment.

The visual identity creation service consists of:

  • Brand positioning;
  • Creating a brand name;
  • Creating a tag line;
  • Logo design creation;
  • Creation of a brand style, visual identity book (Brandbook);
  • Logo design updating (Rebranding);
  • Development of product packaging concept and design;
  • Development of the concept and design of advertising material.